Join the Psychedelic Business Mastermind

This virtual, business-focused mastermind is for people who are entrepreneurs in the psychedelic & healing space.

Together in a private, safe space, we can:

  • expand our circles and network
  • help grow and elevate one another
  • keep each other accountable to our goals
  • brainstorm solutions & provide meaningful feedback to business challenges

For those who haven’t been in masterminds before, think of it like an integration circle for your business. It’s a lot of value, learning, connecting & fun!

What's being released into the universe:

  • Small (max 5) curated cohorts
  • Weekly meetings for 1.5H for 6 weeks
  • 1 specific business goal to accomplish
  • Structured mastermind with facilitation
  • Special guests to speak on specific areas - Eg. law, accounting, sales…

Putting together a mastermind takes a lot of time and energy. We wish all this could be provided for free for the community, however, we're just 2 person with limited resources, so we're asking for a contribution of $599 USD for the 6 weeks.

♥️ Much love & gratitude for your reciprocity ♥️

- Bea Chan & Diana Villarreal

Next Cohort Starts:

Oct 2022

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As the saying goes - a rising tide lifts all the boats!

We're ready to elevate each other and create some magic together!

Who else is in? 🙋🏻‍♀️

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